Rappel inscription / Colloque à l’IUKB : « Droits des enfants et capabilités »

samedi 16 juin 2012

Le Fonds national suisse de la recherche scientifique, l’Institut universitaire Kurt Bösch et le Réseau d’études appliquées organisent :

“Children’s Rights and the Capability Approach”

Scientific meeting

- Date : Thursday 5 and Friday 6 July 2012
- Place : Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch, Sion, →website.
- Price : CHF 150.- / CHF 50.- (for students)
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- Inscription à renvoyer au plus tard pour le 20 juin 2012 à : Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch (IUKB) ; Zikreta Ukic ; Case Postale 4176 ; CH - 1950 Sion 4, tél. ++41 27 205 73 00 / Fax. ++41 27 205 73 01 ou par email : zikreta.ukic@iukb.ch

This scientific meeting is open to the public. We expect especially people from the academy and professionals interested in this topic. The working language will be exclusively English.


The status of the child has considerably evolved with the adoption by the United Nations of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC, 1989). The State parties to the UNCRC recognize the child as a rights holder and must therefore grant him/her protection, provision of services and effective possibilities for participation. Recent developments show a growing interest to integrate the capability approach (CA) in the field of the children’s rights (CR) studies. Reciprocally, children’s capabilities are a major issue for the development of the capability approach.

The organizers of the scientific meeting, Daniel Stoecklin (IUKB) and Jean-Michel Bonvin (EESP), have invited representatives of these two fields of studies (CR and CA) with the aim to cross-fertilize these perspectives. The crucial point for the combination of the two approaches lies in the identification of conditions allowing to transform formal rights (contained in the UNCRC) into real freedom or capabilities. Children’s rights can be seen as formal resources or entitlements. Consequently, the gap between formal liberties (rights) and real freedom (capability) can be more precisely highlighted and explained in terms of individual and social conversion factors.

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